Would you like to earn more money from your existing customers, without working harder or increasing your advertising budget? 

Then talk to Pelican about how we can help you make more sales from your existing customers through engagement marketing campaigns.

Your easiest and most predictable source of new revenue is right under your nose. It’s your loyal customers who already know your company, love what you do and how you do it. So you need to look after them, keep in touch, engage them and make them feel valued. 

We can help you do that through meaningful communications that give value, advice and information, and which will help you improve customer retention, satisfaction, referrals, and ultimately – sales. Our team has expertise and experience across a wide range of marketing and research disciplines including:

Email marketing campaigns
Email newsletters
Customer feedback 
Marketing and business research

You can use us as and when you like, from one email marketing campaign or customer survey, to a combination of services that support each other.

“Our newsletter brings in new sales enquiries every time from clients and prospects on our list, so it’s proven its value many times over.” Valerie Merrill, Merrill Consulting

 “I got feedback from my customers and insights about my coaching services that have really helped me to grow my business – things I wouldn’t have known without Pelican’s help.” Ria van Doorn, Conscious Communications

Download: 7 Steps to Successful Email Campaigns

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